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And freshly written!  Which means FIRST DRAFT OMG.

First I'd like to post this tiny angsty Integra/Alucard ficlet.  Featuring angst.  And also an awkward sketchy school!theory I threw in just because.

Pretend )

Second, four of six drabbles in a series, right now v. loosely titled "Series of Drabbles Concerning the Host Club's Interactions with Integra Hellsing."  It actually seems as much of a mechanical exercise as the title, an attempt to keep me motivated on the awesomeness of my crossover.  So I don't think the drabbles have a lot of punch or profound twists; they're really just little summaries of their individual relationship with Integra.  Also, they're quite rough in flow because I was just so impressed I actually finished at 100 words exactly.

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It's like my fourth attempt of the night, but I really like it - and it has a bit of mystery that's really, really obvious to anyone who remotely knows me, hem.  Also, my tags may or may not give it away.  And yes, it's exactly 100 words!


They are passionate.  They have their own private armies.  They are bespectacled, and they are absolutely, ruthlessly determined not to let anything stop them from their highest goals.  They command a frightening amount of power, in their respectively secret ways, and they have honor which prevents them from misusing it…too much.

They have never before met anyone of the opposite sex whom they could truly call an equal.

Walter poured more tea for Tamaki, who sniffed and blinked sorrowfully up at him.  “Walter…do you think they’re…in love?”

Walter sighed.  "Only in, if I may use the term, a narcissistic fashion."

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Instead of finishing one of my million WIPs, I started a totally new drabble.

At least I finished it in the same sitting.

Yep, Hellsing, and yep, Integra-focused.  Briefly, it was to vent after having a horrible dream. 

Title: Boggarts in Sleep
Word count: 353
Betaed:  Vaguely.  Didn't actually send it away, but got a couple of opinions on specific parts.
Rating: G

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Hey look, I'm a writer.

Extremely impromptu return to Harry Potter, as a friend ([personal profile] bloodrebel333) randomly asked for porn!comments and then specifically mentioned myself and another girl writing Lily/Severus.  Well.

It is indeed smut, though definitely not very explicit at all.  Still, rated R and etc.  Oh, and just for the record: I don't think this is bad at all. Rather good, in fact, for its style. Only a couple of paragraphs now-

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Because I really, really, really need to post some kind of writing-thing.  And I actually showed this to a friend (not my beta) who responded very nicely. 

So, a drabble I just sort of jotted down one afternoon, although actually I did word it very carefully, trying to impart the exact meaning and feeling I wanted - *shrugs a little*  Don't know exactly how well it worked. 

I have another drabble too (that's fit for posting, anyway), and I'll probably put it up here too if I get some good any feedback to this.  HA, though that isn't likely.


Title: Not for Him (OMEGA, a title)
Fandom: Hellsing
Word Count: 219
Betaed? No.
Summary:  A moment - not A Moment, mind you, but just a moment - between Walter and Integra.  No romance anywhere whatsoever, how original.  I'd like to let the reader choose her age - it's fairly obvious about how old she is.  There's a margin of a few years.

Not for Him

Walter waited silently by the door, watching as Integra stood before the full-length mirror.  She was staring into it as she adjusted her ascot and cross, her gloved fingers moving so slowly it almost appeared as though they were in a trance. 

“Walter,” she said, speaking very softly as her gaze never moved from the mirror, and he glanced at her face as he barely saw her lips move.  “What do you think my father would say, if he could see me now?” 

He opened his mouth to speak, then stopped; the honest answer that he believed was that it would be impossible for her father to recognize her.  But he couldn’t say that – what else could he say, that would somehow reassure her – perhaps that her father would be proud of her, ultimately (if he ever got his voice back), that she was serving Hellsing so well –

Integra moved her head very slightly to glance at him, her fingers still touching the perfectly straight tie, and she had never looked more emotionless. 

Then she dropped her hands and moved away from the mirror, passing through the door – saying almost idly as she did, though the detachment in her voice made the skin on the back of his neck prickle:

“That’s all right.  I’m not doing it for him anyway.”

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I just wrote my first slash anything, for a request.  It had to be Remus/Sirius and have the word "marriage."

They had too short of a time together. And while that was an indisputable fact, Remus always felt like it had also been too long - too long of a time for them to have never done half the things they should have done. Sure, before Azkaban they were (for all intents and purposes) twenty-one, and even thinking about marriage was criminal to everyone except Lily and James. And then after Sirius broke out of Azkaban there was too much worry about forgiveness and safety and Harry. Sirius was hardly in a mood to discuss marriage in the last year at Grimmauld Place - Remus never felt that was exactly the best setting, either. And so he put it in the back of his mind, thinking they would have plenty of time to discuss it after all the turmoil with the Order and the Ministry settled down, after Sirius was proven innocent.

Except then Sirius rushed out of the house one afternoon in early summer, and Remus never got a chance to say goodbye.

Molly will shake her head and think the worry about the war was affecting even those who were usually sensible, Remus thought to himself wryly as he glanced down one final time at his mother's old ring resting in a ring box. (He felt he had a right to be confident; the depth of Tonks's feelings could hardly be underestimated.) But he knew there were other reasons that people pursued marriage in unstable times. Sometimes they were just learning from experience.


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