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Hey look, I'm a writer.

Extremely impromptu return to Harry Potter, as a friend ([personal profile] bloodrebel333) randomly asked for porn!comments and then specifically mentioned myself and another girl writing Lily/Severus.  Well.

It is indeed smut, though definitely not very explicit at all.  Still, rated R and etc.  Oh, and just for the record: I don't think this is bad at all. Rather good, in fact, for its style. Only a couple of paragraphs now-

All She Knows

His hands are bony - long and thin fingers, almost impossible for them to be gentle - but she never minds, doesn't care, wouldn't want it any other way as they wrap around her thin wrists, as behind her, his breathing is loud and hard, almost gasps in her ear, a curtain of stringy black hair falling forward to her face, mixing with her own loose red tangled hair - Lily bends further over, and cannot help but close her eyes as he thrusts forward again -

His hipbones are sharp too, and they hurt sometimes when they hit against hers in front, but she never wants him to stop - she grabs his thin shoulderblades and pulls him down, lifting her legs and wrapping them tight around his waist, and in this moment she does not know or remember anything outside of what she is touching and feeling right now - she closes her eyes again involuntarily, and whispers his name over and over to him because it is echoing in her mind and she needs to say it it is, in this moment it is all she knows: Severus, Severus - Severus...Severus....


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