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For reasons that have nothing to do with story quality - after a year, I am finally acknowledging what I wrote for [ profile] less_for_you: One Night for a Lifetime.  Hooray for my OTP...rather decently done, as I see them.

And I'm signed up again for this year's round for [ profile] less_for_you exchange again.  Actually looking forward to it.  And I'm writing a ficlet for an ASoIaF exchange, yay.

As always, I have a million and one Hellsing WIPs and small pieces.  I one day may decide to post a couple.

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And freshly written!  Which means FIRST DRAFT OMG.

First I'd like to post this tiny angsty Integra/Alucard ficlet.  Featuring angst.  And also an awkward sketchy school!theory I threw in just because.

Pretend )

Second, four of six drabbles in a series, right now v. loosely titled "Series of Drabbles Concerning the Host Club's Interactions with Integra Hellsing."  It actually seems as much of a mechanical exercise as the title, an attempt to keep me motivated on the awesomeness of my crossover.  So I don't think the drabbles have a lot of punch or profound twists; they're really just little summaries of their individual relationship with Integra.  Also, they're quite rough in flow because I was just so impressed I actually finished at 100 words exactly.

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Mmm, Hellsing research.  Two nice discoveries last night:

Yogi Tea: Awesome, very informative tea site which also makes very good tea.  Has great categories and lists of ingredients for specific purposes.

List of vampire literature published before Dracula.

Old WIPs are published; new ones begun.  I hope to have various little things - or one, anyway - soon.  And meanwhile I have a strong urge to write a Harry/Ron/Hermione smutfic, the way it ought to be done - which means with oodles of hurt/comfort.  I just distantly remember reading a fic, long ago, which had how it should be.  There ought to be more, so yeah.  And it's occurred to me I've never written Harry before.  Or Ron, really.  Hermione got a line or two in Put a Light in the Window - but smutfic will be very different. :D

I ought to write Minerva/Tom, too. *is pensive*

Meanwhile, I am enjoying working on my fic for the [profile] less_for_you exchange.  Deadline May 5th, yay. 

So yes, hopefully I'll have something new (albeit short) soon.

...And if you happen to know of the, look for a story called And in Arcadia I by Catja M., I believe.  It's not about sex; just really gorgeous, sad and somewhat dark but not oppressingly so.  It's the best I've seen on that site in a while. 
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Ahhhh, research.

I finally managed to get somewhere with my funeral-detail angst.  Nothing about modern British knights' funeral, mind you, but just general funeral stuff, since my knowledge was sadly lacking.  I've made an alarming number of funeral-planning type searches in the past hour, if anyone happened to check my history.  But, it was much more cheering to me than I imagine it would be to most doing the same searches; I have made DECISIONS, solved problems, and discovered about fifteen more ways for plausible angst. *cackles*

And, to finish it off, I've just learned a bit about the Anglican Church.  [profile] cleo2584 was correct in that many priests are called Father; but their actual title is Reverend, and I'm going to defy the norm in sticking with that, since it didn't take me long to realize how awkward and even unnecessarily angsty it would be for Integra to address him as "Father" as she discusses her own father's funeral, and that is what she always called her own father, so yeah.

In case it isn't clear, this is Out of the Dungeon which I still hold so close to me.

And this is really exciting; I'm surmounting some problems I've had since the v. beginning, and so many more ideas and scenes are opening up - I'm not worrying about what'll fill the next few days of the story anymore.  And it answers [profile] givemethechild's doubt when she read a particular scene. 

One of the best links for my benefit.  And of course, Wikipedia on Anglican ministers.

So yes, yay, I've cheered, now back to doing it.
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Have the new icons.  Not quite the new fic.

Have a different new fic, though - A Last New Year's Eve[profile] redandthewolf is proving to be amazing for me.  If only my New Year's resolution had been a community.  Well, I know what to do next year.

But look at the really, really, really nice review I got for it, from [personal profile] bratanimus:
Wow. I mean, really, WOW. I really, really liked this. You have a way with the physical actions of the characters, and impact of the environment; you know how to bring a scene to life. Remus rubbing his tongue on the roof of his mouth, Lily bouncing on her arm, the wall trembling behind them at the end, etc etc etc. Very vivid, very alive.

Even the exposition was evocative and complete, giving us tastes of other characters even though they are not the focus: Harry had a wonderful ability to make him forget unpleasant things. A sort of obliviator-field, as Sirius called it. So succinct and wonderful.

The hand holding and the "I love you's" actually took my breath away, which is something to be said for a fic. I adored the ending, from And what does one say through the end. The last sentence was so incredibly evocative.

And of course excellent use of the prompt. Such an economical piece, succinct and vibrant -- a fabulous snapshot of two people clinging to life, though love. I really, really loved this. Very glad you posted it. :D
Best I've gotten in a while, honestly.

But back to the icons.  A count of what I have now:
  1. Five Hellsing (one general/Alucard, two Integra/Alucard [*ignores the specific Girlycard*], one Integra, one Walter)
  2. Four Ouran (two pure Kyouya, one Kyouya-Haruhi, one Tamaki-Kyouya)
  3. Three Harry Potter (*cough* - at least one Lily/Severus now, finally, a general one, and [profile] buttfacemakani/humor)
  4. Two general writing (one negative, one neutral) and one slightly angsty Violet-/Klaus. :D
Have finally started going again on Out of the Dungeon - 5,447 words, and we're still barely halfway through day one.  When I post it, it's going to be CHAPTERED, ooooh.  Anyway, there are still many questions that must be answered, but at least I remembered certain important features like a will.  And I figure a lot of other details can be glossed over, as long as readers get the point of how angsty it is and how Alucard's helping her.  Hem.
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Just started my first Ouran fic.

I'm about two lines in, and already it feels like it's going to be so brilliant.

(So different from Hellsing and my Lily/Severus angst, y'know.  Tamaki is SO MUCH FUN.)

I won't say much about it now, except that it's going to go into [profile] thk_ouran_ot3 when it's done (because it will be done, dammit).

Icon replacement ahead.  This one actually isn't that inappropriate.

...And you know what would be really cool?  An Ouran mood theme.  Must investigate.

ETA:  Oh, and it already has a title.  How Haruhi Lost Her Fear of Thunder.
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So I'm finally posting a fic here again. Because 1) I feel better about it than the last and 2) I intend to crosspost it to a few communities. It's for [profile] redandthewolf 's second challenge, Tales of Whiskey and Regret.  I'm in the middle of a second story for the same challenge, let's see if I can finish it in time.  (Meanwhile, with Hellsing, I've done an amazing amount for Out of the Dungeon [fingers crossed that I don't get stuck, parts will be tricky] as well as the crazy bathtub scene which doesn't have a title yet.  But whee!

- Really, I don't have here a lily/severus tag or icon yet?  WTF and shame on me.

...OH, that's because I never even linked my first submission for [profile] redandthewolf.  Well, here it is now: Never Spoken, Never Forgotten.


Title: Stability, Safety, and Happiness
Summary: It was the insensible force of adolescent attraction, but it was strong and consuming and had carried them on for how many months now?
Rating: PG-13 (tiny bit of language)
Warnings: none but what we know happens in canon
Word Count: 1,738
Author’s Note: Okay, I like this better than my submission for the last challenge.  A bit, anyway.  And it's odd, isn't it, how I handle my OTP....  Reviews with however you truly feel will mean ever so much.

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Have been writing tonight!

First, I re-read and edited my post-funeral scene (of Walter and Integra's big conversation - "Richard's a bastard traitor who tried to kill me but I shot him.  Oh and by the way, Alucard's back").  It doesn't fail quite as much as I thought it did!  Last main problem is perspective.  DAMN PERSPECTIVE.  Why can't we see how they're both feeling in one scene, huh.  But I think it's fixed it up quite a bit, yay - will be emailing it again to my two lovely Hellsing girls ([info]givemethechild and[info]mortal_maiden) for further critiquing.  And then posting!!!  I so hope.

Now I am working on my old almost-sex scene.  Siiiiigh.  It's so conflicting.  I don't understand how it can suck so much in places, and then be so incredibly decent to the point of possibly being described as "really quite good" in others.  CONFLICTION.  And both ways are really sunk quite deeply into the story, so re-writing is hard.  It's so long and well-drawn-out for a PWP, too.  Which gives me extra motivation for really fixing it up everywhere.

Have discovered through this that I have (perhaps mostly just had) a terrible tendency to write passively.  Not always in the passive tense, but I can be so inclined to write things "elegantly" that involve long phrases and nicer words than normal ones, that it comes off detached.  WTF, I just concritted an author about this the other day.  I'm really glad I can recognize it in myself, though.  Anyway, so am working on fixing that too. 

Word count 3,539 for this one, and just over 2,000, I think, for the post-funeral scene.

(I want to start a new Lily/Severus piece too, just a glimpse of their relationship.  Was inspired by this.)

P.S.  Yes I still remember that thing called the nightmare-story.  It's just that when I have so little time to write now, I really want to spend it on things which have so much more promise and are better-written.  Sigh.  Will have to figure out time to keep working on it, though.

ETA after reading a couple more stories written within the last six months:  WHY.  Why do I suck SO MUCH.  *a v. furious headwall*  And why did I actually SEND THESE to girls whose opinion MATTERS to me SO MUCH.  AUUUUGH. 

Thank God they lied, though, and told me they loved it, because I really couldn't have handled any other response in my extremely nervous state.  ...Those two stories were of a new sort of hardcoreness.
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Quick announcement: [personal profile] original_lavi is my new journal for strictly original stuff.

Mischief Managed has been uploaded to fanfictionDOTnet.  If you can't believe it, click the link.

Now, to finish No Tears for Spilt Potions....
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Mischief Managed (Ishew) is SUPPOSEDLY finished.  Complete.  Except the last scene needs to be completely torn up and re-written.  Fortunately, I do know what it needs to be; I just need to make it so.  All about atmosphere.  Then the beta-process can be done.

I also plan to be posting the Hellsing dungeon scene (which will will will be named) quite soon as well.

Oh, and I also updated the nightmare-story She Had the Perfect Life on fanfictionDOTnet for the first time in over a year.  Ouch.  ...Lily and James will be getting married in the next chapter, I think.  Did not mention in the author notes how hard that will be to write, ahaha.  ...I just cannot feel Lily/James after having done Lily/Severus.

But it is nice to get (totally undeserving) reviews again.
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...Just renamed If Sirius Had Won to Mischief Managed.


Only sad point is that I can no longer call it Ishew.

...No, forget that, I'm going to call it Ishew anyway.

Oh yes I'm totally going to make a brilliant career out of these moments that strike every three years. 

(Yeah, I swear I'm going to finish it soon, too.  Seriously, I know what the last scene/line will be.)
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Oof.  Last night I tackled my dungeon scene - went all the way through it and re-wrote everything that needed to be re-written, the flashback-bits in particular (which are now all stream-of-consciousy and outside-of-the-box), and I was actually focusing so hard on all of it that I gave myself a headache, in the end.  But it wasn't a bad headache and everything was productive.  I actually have no gauge at all of how much the flashback-bits suck, because I just cannot read the whole thing all over again right now (just too intense, man), and of course they depend on all the set-up that comes before them to make them work. 

SO I have sent it off to the beta. 

...And now I find myself almost uncertain of what to work on next.  Oh dear.  Too many things competing at once.  Nightmare-story, If Sirius Had Won (which I recently opened again and actually figured out what the closing scene will be - now just to tie up the threads between what I have now and the end)....
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Inspired by [profile] buttfacemakani, I recently started writing a Lucius/Narcissa fic (I have about thirty things - and the majority of them Hellsing, yes - in progress right now).  Anyway, as it is really my first Malfoy fic (besides Put a Light in the Window, which is Draco/Ginny, and in which I kill both Lucius and Narcissa off), I've been doing some musing on both of their backgrounds.  Particularly Lucius', since I've never really focused on that before.  

So at the moment I'm pondering his motivation for becoming a Death Eater.  Taking an enlightened perspective, I'm assuming it's more than just "yay killing mudbloods sign me up."  I believe he's an intelligent man - and also a Slytherin, so self-interest is a pretty strong motivation in all his doings - and so hmm.

I could pull out a few theories on why, but I'm also wondering if any essays or developed theories might have already been presented on why Lucius became a Death Eater.  Could anyone summarise their ideas, or pass a link?

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The song doesn't seem to be worth ninety-nine cents, but the lyrics are quite awesome.

A Perfect Sonnet

Lately I've been wishing I had one desire
Something that would make me never want another
Something that would make it so that nothing matters
All would be clear then

But I guess I'll have to settle for a few brief moments
And watch all dissolve into a single second
And try to write it down into a perfect sonnet
Or one foolish line

'Cause that's all that you'll get so you'll have to accept
You are here and then you're gone
But I believe that lovers should be tied together and
Thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather
And left there to drown
Left there to drown
In their innocence

But as for me I'm coming to the final chapter
I read all of the pages and there is still no answer
Only all that was before I know must soon come after
It's the only way it can be

So I stand in the sun
And I breathe with my lungs
Trying to spare me the weight of the truth
Saying everything you have ever seen was just a mirror
And you've spent your whole life sweating in an endless fever
And now you are laying in a bathtub full of freezing water
Wishing you were a ghost

But once you knew a girl and you named her lover
And danced with her in kitchens through the greenest summer
But autumn came, she disappeared
You can't remember where she said she was going to

But you know that she is gone 'cause she left you a song
That you don't want to sing
Singing I believe that lovers should be chained together
And thrown into a fire with their songs and letters
And left there to burn
Left there to burn
In their arrogance
But as for me I'm coming to my final failure
I've killed myself with changes trying to make things better
Ended up becoming something other than what I had planned to be

Now I believe that lovers should be draped in flowers
And laid entwined together on a bed of clover
And left there to sleep
Left there to dream of their happiness

--Bright Eyes

In other news, I am progressing on the Lily/Severus ficlet, which may finally have a title - one I've been saving for a tragic Lily/Severus story, but wasn't sure yet that this is the one I wanted to use it on.  Anyway, it's on the verge of ten pages at the moment, single-spaced except for between paragraphs - almost 4,400 words.


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