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And freshly written!  Which means FIRST DRAFT OMG.

First I'd like to post this tiny angsty Integra/Alucard ficlet.  Featuring angst.  And also an awkward sketchy school!theory I threw in just because.

Word count: 175

At times, when she lies in the quiet and has pressed against him so long she no longer feels the cold, as he plays with her hair, she can pretend it's something normal, something okay.  She hates pretend games and never wants to think about it like that, but she has discovered if there were anything worse than a Hellsing wanting a vampire to kiss her, it was a Hellsing who has only been kissed by a vampire.  Sometimes, just for a little while, she didn't want to feel the guilt which first pressed like the cold between her legs, long after he'd gone, or even (as was the case more often these days) just the knowledge that guilt should be there.  Sexless, those at school named her, even wrote in one of her textbooks.  But not Alucard, he didn't think so.  So she closes her eyes, feeling his closeness and the gentle tug of fingers in her hair (the most romantic monster of all, how lucky was she), and pretended it was all right.

Second, four of six drabbles in a series, right now v. loosely titled "Series of Drabbles Concerning the Host Club's Interactions with Integra Hellsing."  It actually seems as much of a mechanical exercise as the title, an attempt to keep me motivated on the awesomeness of my crossover.  So I don't think the drabbles have a lot of punch or profound twists; they're really just little summaries of their individual relationship with Integra.  Also, they're quite rough in flow because I was just so impressed I actually finished at 100 words exactly.


She despised him at first with her entire being, and even when she realized the actual depth of his sincerity, her opinion only rose to consider him barely more than a simpleton, and an obnoxious one at that.  Nevertheless, his soft touches and absurd distractions were something she needed more than she realized.  Not until one of the last days, at the most insignificant moment (sitting next to him in the back of Kyouya's Bentley), when he makes some seemingly offhand comment, looks at her and smiles, does she realize he is the most beautiful boy she has ever encountered.


With him she had the easiest, simplest understanding and connection.  They could fence together for hours on end every day, walk together in silence and never feel awkward, and he was the only one of the club besides Kyouya she would have trusted to introduce to the queen.  The Morinozuka house and grounds, in their neat traditional simplicity and efficiency, appealed to her more than any of the mansions she saw. 

In his meditation room he offered her a bench, and they sat side by side with backs straight, hands folded in their laps, and eyes closed for an hour without moving.


She was the first true female friend Integra's had, the one with whom Integra's had the most empathy and understanding.  Integra never suspected at first how much they had in common, but slowly the details came out: the loss of their mothers early on, their independence and practicality, their indifference to what obsessed most girls their age, the necessity of cross-dressing, even their shared exasperation at the rest of the club's antics.  Only when she meets Ranka does Integra find herself completely flummoxed; but, after Tamaki, Ranka is hardly any more off-putting, and she begins to see the connection.


The sugar-sweet oldest (and shortest) member of the club never did annoy her as much as she had feared from first introduction, when he addressed her as "Inte-chan."  Perhaps it was because he could take on all her soldiers at once, bare-handed, or because he told her of the time he too had denied himself everything, locked away all he desired, in order to make himself appear strong.  It wasn't necessary, he told her; that was when he felt most insecure, because he still knew he wanted sweets, and now he had Bun-Bun and knew he was strong. 

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Date: 2008-07-25 12:21 pm (UTC)
cleo: A purple and green baby dragon from deamon diary (Default)
From: [personal profile] cleo
I really enjoyed the first. You nailed the length; there was no more and no less than there should have been. And there is a nice dichotomy between the feelings of guilt in doing anything vaguely sexual that many teenagers have and Integra's own reasons.

Nice job.

And there's a comma splice in the last parenthetical. I'd put a semi-colon there and actually put a question mark in the parentheses...or elipses. But that's me.

I saw the drabbles really more sketches to help define your canon and less artistic pieces--something about the language.

Oh, wait, said that basically. My eyes must have skipped over it. I just woke up.

All in all, nice work here.

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Date: 2008-07-26 06:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks so much for the feedback. ♥

I'm glad the first came out so well! Thanks for pointing out the comma splice. I would probably fix it to a semicolon...but I have a bad habit of thinking the desired flow at which you read it is more important than correct punctuation. *facepalm* I want that slightest pause the comma gives (making it almost poetic, in my mind) rather than the full stop a semicolon would. Plus it's already a weird parenthetical line with the italics and odd construction ("was she").

Yeah, the Ouran drabbles are just supposed to 1) remind me about what's so cool about each of the characters and Integra, and 2) hopefully make others who are familiar with both series go, "ooh, that's awesome and has so much potential!" Ha.

But thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated.

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Date: 2008-07-27 09:31 pm (UTC)
cleo: A purple and green baby dragon from deamon diary (Default)
From: [personal profile] cleo
Mm, I never think of a semi-colon giving a full stop, but I use them a lot. Everyone has a different feeling for them, I've found.

Leaving the comma is, of course your prerogative as a writer. It works for me being that it's at the end. If it came in the middle or at the beginning of the piece, I'd go through the rest really wary of the writer. I know, I'm terrible.

But I understand why you want it, and this is a good piece. *g*

And now I'm about to fall over with tiredness.

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Date: 2008-07-25 01:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think, of all the Ouran drabbles, I like the Mori one best. Straight backs and folded hands, etc, seem very vivid to me.

You make me feel guilty for only writing lines. XD I must remedy that... *slinks off*

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Date: 2008-07-26 06:46 am (UTC)
ext_14783: girl underwater (Default)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! Yeah, that line is probably the one line in all the drabbles that looks like it might belong in a proper story, ha. And I'm already thinking of how to revise it so it flows better....

(Also, we meditate like that in karate. :P And it's part of my personal canon that meditation is SRS BIZNESS to Integra, because it became really vital to her sanity and ability to cope with the workload, all the pressure/responsibility in her teenage years.)


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