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So, the author of those fantastic Tamaki/Kyouya fics - [profile] hooloovoo_too - commented back to my spaztastic reviews, sounding quite pleased to get such intensely positive feedback.  I also may have mentioned my preference for Integra/Kyouya, on which she also commented.

Kyouya/Integra? That's one I never would have thought of in a million years, but since you suggested it, it makes an eerie amount of sense. I like Ouran a lot better than Hellsing (I think it takes itself less seriously, and as a result, the plot holes tend to be less obvious), but I love the idea of Kyouya and Integra playing off each other.


And also, as I said in my reply, boosts my expectations for actually having a readership for my insane crossover fic, heh.  (It is a brilliant idea for a ship and other stuff, I know, I just don't know how many people know and love both Ouran and Hellsing [...and maybe Harry Potter too] and are willing to try something with them combined.

On a related note, tonight I found an old entry in my personal journal with a defensive explanation of my tendency to crossover - I described it as "I tie everything I love into everything else I love."  Indeed.  The ultimate goal is a great mass of everything I love at once,
bringing on supreme happiness and euphoria of the sort which only recreational drugs are supposed to achieve.

To continue plugging [profile] hooloovoo_too (am now watching that fic journal of hers) - I read her few other Ouran fics, and would like to specifically link to The Freckles in Our Eyes Are Mirror Images, which is a series of vignettes on the twins as they grew up.  Very intriguing and entertaining set of stories with them, definitely.  One quote:

Hikaru toddles over to the nurse and yanks at her skirts. “We got hurt,” he says, jerking her urgently in Kaoru’s direction. “We’re bleeding,” and it takes her fifteen seconds of panicked searching to realize that he means Kaoru instead of himself.

Oh, and one more because I'm dying for this to happen in my world so Integra can have a specific reaction, but I don't know how to tie them together.  So, the twins' nurse is giving them sex-ed when they're thirteen (awesome scene):

“Men have penises,” she says matter of factly, “and you can have sex with them.”

Integra: DO GO ON.

And finally, I recently got three new reviews (from the same person), one each for The Funeral, Out of the Dungeon, and By the Way, a Vampire Ate My Uncle.  The first is "simply wonderful," but the other two are more pleasing.  One is nearly a haiku!

that was very good
very well written
as was The Funeral

And the third:

positively splendid
i love how you incorporate harry potter without it becoming over bearing
the little snipits of harry potteresque things are lovely

WUAHUAHUA I do not suck at my crossoverness.  This is certainly good.
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(WIP fics are WIP-ing.)

So it's been kinda nice - I keep getting notifications that Welcome Home has been favorited.  I understand that it isn't "omg this is one of the best stories I've ever read," but probably just from a shippy perspective - "oh look, this is something kinda sexy to read when I'm in the mood."  Nevertheless, people do find it worth saving, and that's nice.

HOWEVER, I only have three reviews, when definitely more than that favorited it.  This is maddening.  You find it worth bookmarking; say something to me!  WHY are you saving it - what parts did you like?  PLEASE.  Give me an idea, and I may write MORE like it!

But I did not start an entry to rant about that.  I started an entry to squee over awesome Review #3.
That was totally delicious :P
I just love how they were relaxing on the bed, debating on how much they had really missed the other.
Absolutely made my day.  Particularly how she makes it sound better than it actually is, hem.

(Icon represents me on my WIPs.)
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Have the new icons.  Not quite the new fic.

Have a different new fic, though - A Last New Year's Eve[profile] redandthewolf is proving to be amazing for me.  If only my New Year's resolution had been a community.  Well, I know what to do next year.

But look at the really, really, really nice review I got for it, from [personal profile] bratanimus:
Wow. I mean, really, WOW. I really, really liked this. You have a way with the physical actions of the characters, and impact of the environment; you know how to bring a scene to life. Remus rubbing his tongue on the roof of his mouth, Lily bouncing on her arm, the wall trembling behind them at the end, etc etc etc. Very vivid, very alive.

Even the exposition was evocative and complete, giving us tastes of other characters even though they are not the focus: Harry had a wonderful ability to make him forget unpleasant things. A sort of obliviator-field, as Sirius called it. So succinct and wonderful.

The hand holding and the "I love you's" actually took my breath away, which is something to be said for a fic. I adored the ending, from And what does one say through the end. The last sentence was so incredibly evocative.

And of course excellent use of the prompt. Such an economical piece, succinct and vibrant -- a fabulous snapshot of two people clinging to life, though love. I really, really loved this. Very glad you posted it. :D
Best I've gotten in a while, honestly.

But back to the icons.  A count of what I have now:
  1. Five Hellsing (one general/Alucard, two Integra/Alucard [*ignores the specific Girlycard*], one Integra, one Walter)
  2. Four Ouran (two pure Kyouya, one Kyouya-Haruhi, one Tamaki-Kyouya)
  3. Three Harry Potter (*cough* - at least one Lily/Severus now, finally, a general one, and [profile] buttfacemakani/humor)
  4. Two general writing (one negative, one neutral) and one slightly angsty Violet-/Klaus. :D
Have finally started going again on Out of the Dungeon - 5,447 words, and we're still barely halfway through day one.  When I post it, it's going to be CHAPTERED, ooooh.  Anyway, there are still many questions that must be answered, but at least I remembered certain important features like a will.  And I figure a lot of other details can be glossed over, as long as readers get the point of how angsty it is and how Alucard's helping her.  Hem.
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Am currently having this exchange with a reviewer of After (yes, they just reviewed and oh God that thing is so old and bad):

Original review:
Is this a snape/lily thing or is it a james/lily
Because if its a Snape/Lily then comment
but if its a James/Lily then its a good one

My response:

*cheerfully*  Sorry, it's Lily/Severus all the way.  That's my absolute favorite pairing and has been for nearly five years now, ever since I first entered fandom.  This piece is really old, though, and not very well-written compared to what I can do now - I'm currently working on something much better that uses a lot of evidence from the sixth book to support them.  I would really appreciate it if gave it a try when I do upload it, as I think you'll find it more convincing.

Thanks for reviewing, though I'm sorry you think its quality rests on which pairing it is.

Her answer:
Oh come to think of it the pairing seems interesting a bit like Hermione/Draco but snape isnt as good looking as draco is lol =P anyways I'm sorry if I offended you or anything but the story is good really

Me again:
Heh, I do hope you know that we could find out at any moment in the books that Draco isn't good-looking at all.  There's nothing in canon to support that; the conclusion is mostly drawn from Tom Felton and other popular fanfic stories.

Anyway, now is the time for me to confess myself so much a Ravenclaw that physical beauty is not the greatest factor I consider when loving a particular pairing.  Intelligence, wit, and maturity (to some degree) are actually just about the most important qualities to me.  And in those Severus (at least as a teenager, for relative maturity - compared to the Marauders' behavior, for example) succeeds greatly, which will always be why I find him hotter than Draco. ;)

Nah, you didn't offend me; I've heard worse insults to Lily/Severus over the years, you'll have to try harder than that.  Thanks again, though I really don't like this piece very much at all anymore, and I would be delighted if you read my more thorough Lily/Severus story - titled "No Tears for Spilt Potions" - when I upload it, as the pairing might seem much more plausible to you then.

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Got three reviews today for Mischief Managed!  I am ever-so-pleasantly surprised.  They are, in order:
  1. The emotional trip I've gone on while reading this - it's intense. A good kind of intense: you've not lost your talent for writing, especially when it comes to describing emotions.
    Lily reminded me of Harry in this chapter, like when she had the urge to laugh when she was threatening Sirius.
  2. Positevely, absoulutely, heart-wrenching AMAZING! 12 bazillion jillion stars!
  3. It's okay for an AU, I guess.
*dies laughing in delight*  I'd forgotten how much I loved the fanfictionDOTnet community.

...And okay, I'm replying to the reviews naturally, but before I type a quick "Thank you for reviewing.  *is amused*" to the last, I thought I'd look at his/her profile to see if they have a hobby of being pretentious and disdainful or what. 

Therein I found these two interesting tidbits:
Harry Potter Characters I Like-
3. Sirius Black (My love. I think he's a great friend.)
(Okay, for one I would really question her definition of friendship...)
Harry Potter couples I HATE-
1. Lily and Snape (EW! I don't mind Severus liking Lily, but Lily liking back is just stupid. Just because she stands up for him, doesn't mean she LOVES him!)
...And with both of them together, I find much is explained.  Ahahahaha.

(What I did end up reviewing back to her: "Thank you for reviewing. *is amused*  And I suppose I should be glad for that positive a response, since after looking at your profile I see Sirius is one of your favorite characters and Lily/Severus one of your least favorite ships, hm? ;)")

ETA:  Just got another brilliant one!
that's terrible. i'm glad james actually saved snape's life. it would have been awful for that to happen
The best part is how the first two words make you blink ("wow, that's quite outrightly harsh") and then you realize, oh.
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Mischief Managed (Ishew) is SUPPOSEDLY finished.  Complete.  Except the last scene needs to be completely torn up and re-written.  Fortunately, I do know what it needs to be; I just need to make it so.  All about atmosphere.  Then the beta-process can be done.

I also plan to be posting the Hellsing dungeon scene (which will will will be named) quite soon as well.

Oh, and I also updated the nightmare-story She Had the Perfect Life on fanfictionDOTnet for the first time in over a year.  Ouch.  ...Lily and James will be getting married in the next chapter, I think.  Did not mention in the author notes how hard that will be to write, ahaha.  ...I just cannot feel Lily/James after having done Lily/Severus.

But it is nice to get (totally undeserving) reviews again.
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So I do know that After sucks.  It won't mean anything to almost anyone who's not a Lily/Severus shipper already.  I just re-read it this afternoon, and undoubtedly the worst line is "Don't you know I'm in love with you?"  Yeah.  Just...gah. 

And so, deservedly, the great majority of the reviews it has gotten have consisted of, "Um, this is okay, but I'm not sure what the point is..."  Which I have accepted.

But today I got this one:

Love. I'm not even a closet Sev/Lily shipper or anything, I just love the fact that someone actually stopped to think that maybe Sev didn't just harbor unrequited love for Lily.
Plus, I just adore, "We can run away to New Zealand," for no apparent reason.
Faving this. Like whoa.

...Will never deny that it was nice.  Very nice. 


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