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Inspired by [profile] buttfacemakani, I recently started writing a Lucius/Narcissa fic (I have about thirty things - and the majority of them Hellsing, yes - in progress right now).  Anyway, as it is really my first Malfoy fic (besides Put a Light in the Window, which is Draco/Ginny, and in which I kill both Lucius and Narcissa off), I've been doing some musing on both of their backgrounds.  Particularly Lucius', since I've never really focused on that before.  

So at the moment I'm pondering his motivation for becoming a Death Eater.  Taking an enlightened perspective, I'm assuming it's more than just "yay killing mudbloods sign me up."  I believe he's an intelligent man - and also a Slytherin, so self-interest is a pretty strong motivation in all his doings - and so hmm.

I could pull out a few theories on why, but I'm also wondering if any essays or developed theories might have already been presented on why Lucius became a Death Eater.  Could anyone summarise their ideas, or pass a link?

lavivi: scan from Hellsing manga of Integra and Alucard (Stephen King.)
Random Harry Potter thought of the - er, morning:

I was admiring my friends-only banner on my usual journal, and as I looked at the back of Harry's hand, thinking about those scars and how he shoved them in Rufus Scrimgeour's face in the sixth book, my mind jumped to eleven-year-old Tom Riddle snarling, "Tell the truth!" at Dumbledore.

And then I wonder if there could possibly, possibly be a connection in the seventh book between the two. 

Harry's other scar has proven itself to be er, yeah, of some significance...ooh, now my mind has jumped to how Ms. Rowling said the last word of the seventh book is "scar."  Wouldn't it be a twist if she wasn't talking about the scar on Harry's forehead?  And Tom's emphatic line is rather random and unexplained. 

"I will not tell lies" - lies about Voldemort, lies that were actually the truth, a mockery by the Ministry of Magic - vs. "Tell the truth," which stems from...we don't know exactly what. 

Any thoughts?

On another note, I have determined to try my damndest to have my Lily/Severus story finished by Friday.  It would be nice if I could get it sent off to the beta's before then, but we'll see.
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Today is the second-year anniversary of the fifth book's birth into bookstores all over the world.  (Or it will be in less than an hour - give me some slack.)  I'll always remember it because eight hours after we picked it up at midnight, my parents were married.  Or actually, that's a lie - five days ago, I just remembered their anniversary because the fifth book's anniversary was coming up, and I had a Yahoo!reminder sent to me.

Anyway.  I am a faithful reader of [ profile] daily_snitch, and I've read a lot of essays and rants and discussions and things on...a lot of things about the books.  Not necessarily just the fifth book.

But on this anniversary of the fifth book, and as we pass into the final month before the sixth book, I would like to conduct a little survey.  Especially relying on how many of us are re-reading the fifth book, in preparation for New Canon.

What are your favorite passages, quotes, scenes, etc. from the fifth book?  What you liked the best, thought were the most profound, thought were the best written.

*bows out, and goes to put the finishing touches on a certain anniversary gift*


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