Aug. 24th, 2005

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I just wrote my first slash anything, for a request.  It had to be Remus/Sirius and have the word "marriage."

They had too short of a time together. And while that was an indisputable fact, Remus always felt like it had also been too long - too long of a time for them to have never done half the things they should have done. Sure, before Azkaban they were (for all intents and purposes) twenty-one, and even thinking about marriage was criminal to everyone except Lily and James. And then after Sirius broke out of Azkaban there was too much worry about forgiveness and safety and Harry. Sirius was hardly in a mood to discuss marriage in the last year at Grimmauld Place - Remus never felt that was exactly the best setting, either. And so he put it in the back of his mind, thinking they would have plenty of time to discuss it after all the turmoil with the Order and the Ministry settled down, after Sirius was proven innocent.

Except then Sirius rushed out of the house one afternoon in early summer, and Remus never got a chance to say goodbye.

Molly will shake her head and think the worry about the war was affecting even those who were usually sensible, Remus thought to himself wryly as he glanced down one final time at his mother's old ring resting in a ring box. (He felt he had a right to be confident; the depth of Tonks's feelings could hardly be underestimated.) But he knew there were other reasons that people pursued marriage in unstable times. Sometimes they were just learning from experience.


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