Oct. 13th, 2008

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Dear self,

Stop re-reading your stories from two years ago with high expectations.  Of course they suck.  Of course they make you want to cut off your hands.  You know a good remedy for this?  WRITE NEW STUFF.  

Much love,

ETA:  Just replaced a couple icons.  One is this one (oh yes I'm very evil), the other is my first ASoIaF icon on this journal, yay.  Don't know if I'll ever use it (well,  I ought to, I have a fic for it written earlier this year which I actually LIKE), but yeah.
lavivi: scan from Hellsing manga of Integra and Alucard (Kyouya-Haruhi strike a match)
Okay, I guess I need to post this. There's no excuse - my obsessive side wanted to make all the tiny details match canon, but with ASoIaF that's pretty pointless. With the small details, anyway. Chances are no one will notice and it makes no difference.

So, this is a fic I wrote v. quickly this spring in order to give to [livejournal.com profile] pojypojy when I met her for the second time in Italy. ♥ I knew she liked Ned/Lyanna, and I am not averse to writing incest. So I wrote it trying to match it to two of her artworks - the second and third on this page. And afterwards she painted another (non-spoilery for my fic) for me.

(I firmly believe it's far from perfect, but I actually really do like the ending, particularly the last paragraph.)

Without further ado!

Title: Love is Sweet, Dearest Ned
Rating: R for graphic sexual stuff (omg, Lavinia actually posts some of the smut she wrote)
Word count: 3,450
Summary: Lyanna is fifteen and really would not rather get married at all, so she brings Ned into her angst.  This may become a habit.


Who would you have for me? )


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