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So, I did mention I'm participating in the [profile] less_for_you exchange, for which the deadline is now...tomorrow. 

I'm 700 words over the minimum, I've written several good scenes exploring their relationship - technically, there's a full story already here, written.  But it's not done, and it's not approaching the end the way I initially wanted.

And I wrote those 700 words just tonight, and enjoyed them, but now it's slowing down too much so that I'm slightly burning out and starting to wonder, didn't they already do this?  Don't I always write fluffy romantic scenes like this?  Where is this going?

...And now I'm even starting to wonder, do I really need a make-out scene?

Which is pretty much shipper blasphemy.  I haven't written real Lily/Severus in SO LONG - and I do still love and enjoy them, but eh.  It's hard to fight canon (at least in Harry Potter, not Hellsing), and struggling to find a way to fit it in the timeline confirmed by the seventh book takes away my drive. 

But I'm burning out now and want time to find my focus again and ha, this is why you're not supposed to put it off until the last night.

(Unrelatedly, I've had a pretty good draft of the first chapter of my crossover of awesomeness (Hellsing/Harry Potter/Ouran) written for a while now.  ...Should I go ahead and post it?  I'm pretty clueless on what'll come in the next few chapters after it - that is, the developing part of Integra and Kyouya's relationship - but I've had so many brilliant ideas for them and all the Host Club together, I decided it would be criminal not to give it all a serious go.  Anyway, what would I lose by posting it?  Who knows, I might even get some comments.)
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