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2009-04-10 11:06 pm

Improvisational Chemistry (Lily/Severus exchange fic)

My more recent exchange - second year with [ profile] less_for_you. The prompt I received asked for potion-making in a different setting, such as during the summer, and lots of technical detail.

Improvisational Chemistry )
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2009-04-10 11:05 pm

A Blind Wolf Still Has Teeth (ASoIaF exchange fic)

Wrote this earlier this year for my first ASoIaF ficlet exchange.  It was a struggle to get it in the word count (actually, I was over by more than a hundred); it requested a meeting between Arya and Jaqen H'ghar.  Something I would like to see very much myself, so I had trouble fully executing it.  I like the first half, anyway.

A Blind Wolf Still Has Teeth )
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2009-01-20 02:19 am

One Night for a Lifetime (Lily/Severus); more exchange fic coming up

For reasons that have nothing to do with story quality - after a year, I am finally acknowledging what I wrote for [ profile] less_for_you: One Night for a Lifetime.  Hooray for my OTP...rather decently done, as I see them.

And I'm signed up again for this year's round for [ profile] less_for_you exchange again.  Actually looking forward to it.  And I'm writing a ficlet for an ASoIaF exchange, yay.

As always, I have a million and one Hellsing WIPs and small pieces.  I one day may decide to post a couple.

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2008-12-07 05:03 pm
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Fixing a very questionable title.

Just renamed By The Way, a Vampire Ate My Uncle to the much more tolerable While You Were Gone. *laughs*
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2008-10-13 01:35 am

Love is Sweet, Dearest Ned

Okay, I guess I need to post this. There's no excuse - my obsessive side wanted to make all the tiny details match canon, but with ASoIaF that's pretty pointless. With the small details, anyway. Chances are no one will notice and it makes no difference.

So, this is a fic I wrote v. quickly this spring in order to give to [ profile] pojypojy when I met her for the second time in Italy. ♥ I knew she liked Ned/Lyanna, and I am not averse to writing incest. So I wrote it trying to match it to two of her artworks - the second and third on this page. And afterwards she painted another (non-spoilery for my fic) for me.

(I firmly believe it's far from perfect, but I actually really do like the ending, particularly the last paragraph.)

Without further ado!

Title: Love is Sweet, Dearest Ned
Rating: R for graphic sexual stuff (omg, Lavinia actually posts some of the smut she wrote)
Word count: 3,450
Summary: Lyanna is fifteen and really would not rather get married at all, so she brings Ned into her angst.  This may become a habit.


Who would you have for me? )
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2008-10-13 12:59 am
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"DON'T EVEN TRY," they scream.

Dear self,

Stop re-reading your stories from two years ago with high expectations.  Of course they suck.  Of course they make you want to cut off your hands.  You know a good remedy for this?  WRITE NEW STUFF.  

Much love,

ETA:  Just replaced a couple icons.  One is this one (oh yes I'm very evil), the other is my first ASoIaF icon on this journal, yay.  Don't know if I'll ever use it (well,  I ought to, I have a fic for it written earlier this year which I actually LIKE), but yeah.
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2008-07-25 02:15 am

Two gifts tonight!

And freshly written!  Which means FIRST DRAFT OMG.

First I'd like to post this tiny angsty Integra/Alucard ficlet.  Featuring angst.  And also an awkward sketchy school!theory I threw in just because.

Pretend )

Second, four of six drabbles in a series, right now v. loosely titled "Series of Drabbles Concerning the Host Club's Interactions with Integra Hellsing."  It actually seems as much of a mechanical exercise as the title, an attempt to keep me motivated on the awesomeness of my crossover.  So I don't think the drabbles have a lot of punch or profound twists; they're really just little summaries of their individual relationship with Integra.  Also, they're quite rough in flow because I was just so impressed I actually finished at 100 words exactly.

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2008-07-21 01:26 am

The question is, does he ever *stop* trying to steal her underwear.

First line (or three) of a fic:

Father had taught her about many of the demonic tendencies of vampires, but he had failed to mention that they would try to steal her underwear.

She started to wonder now how he could have neglected it, when it seemed that for at least one certain vampire, it was his highest priority and goal for which he ceaselessly worked.

"No, NO, I definitely saw you that time, give them back."
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2008-05-31 01:54 pm

"I'd like to *shoot* Stephanie Meyer."

Okay so I'm (slowly) reading the latest chapter of The Constant Guardian (the banter occasionally amuses me, but the writing/characterisation is so very questionable, so I have to go slow given my extreme sensitivity about Integra's characterisation), and a reminder of the plot (pill-induced vampirism in Romania) triggered this line of thought -

The actual likelihood of that if it were possible (which could be v. likely if vampires were, y'know, real) - how it would probably appear on the internet, some big flashing ad on a homepage like "WANNA BE A VAMPIRE?  THERE'S AN EASY WAY WITH NO DANGEROUS BITING INVOLVED" and when Walter shows it to Integra, how she would mutter, "That's sick.  ...I'd like to shoot Stephanie Meyer and Anne Rice.  Can we classify it as urgent prevention measures?"

and then how Integra probably has pinned up somewhere a hit list of authors etc. who are famous for making vampires seem cool, and also dreams of one day forcing them to have a disclaimer in all their works of how vampirism is just as cool as a bullet to the face, which she will assuredly personally deliver

- and then if Stephanie Meyer ever did an (extremely likely) British she might be kidnapped detoured for a little while so Integra can introduce her to Alucard and show her just how sparkly vampires are.

looooooool oh my God it's FRICKIN' BRILLIANT I can taste it, that would be so so cool and it could even spread like wildfire through fandom (if I'm able, as is always my problem, to live up to the idea with my execution).  Oh man oh man.  I don't think I can resist now, since I've thought about it for ten seconds.  It'll be short, a one-shot and just short of crack.

(I have not actually read Twilight, but I've heard an awful lot about it, particularly from [profile] buttfacemakani's extensive rants (1 2) and then some others.  I kind of do want to read it, for the same reason I like to read [profile] babb_chronicles, but it holds extra interest as published badfic.  It could cheer me up.)

ETA:  Okay I have to give credit where credit is due, particularly considering my blunt appraisal of The Constant Guardian at the top - but this just made me crack up laughing, it's really perfect:

[Alucard discussing the pill-induced vampires:]

"...Drug-ulas, perhaps.”

Integra closed her eyes wearily. “Five hundred years of personally experiencing cultural evolution—the renaissance, philosophy, the arts—and that’s the best quip you can come up with?”

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2008-05-08 04:09 am
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So I was already thinking as I re-read the first three chapters and started the new ones of Lily's Choice: all right, yeah, this alone - but definitely as I also consider givemethechild's Dark Side of the Moon - makes me feel quite positive I don't ever have to write Lily/Severus again. It's Been Done.

(Which is actually a distressing feeling - I still love my first OTP and don't want to drop them in any way, and while the new canon is certainly love, I still feel like I'm letting it defeat me.... But that has nothing to do with these two stories which are fucking gold, a million times better than anything I'll write anytime soon.)

And then I got to this quote...

spoilery )

Randomly, I got another plot bunny as I was writing my insane review (my difficulty with having Lily genuinely prefer James to Severus - but what if he damaged her so much she prefers his complete opposite, the fluffy ridiculous manly type? - Oddly enough, yes, the idea of him "damaging her so much" still appeals to me).  *strokes chin*  I may still want to stick to drabble-like, vignettes, or other not really full or serious fics for a while, though.  It's exhausting to tackle the full concept of their relationship, explaining everything from beginning to end with canon.  Much easier, of course, to assume it's all fact from beginning and then just examine certain particulars about it....
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2008-05-08 01:58 am

More happy experiences with the Tamaki/Kyouya author; also, haiku reviews!

So, the author of those fantastic Tamaki/Kyouya fics - [profile] hooloovoo_too - commented back to my spaztastic reviews, sounding quite pleased to get such intensely positive feedback.  I also may have mentioned my preference for Integra/Kyouya, on which she also commented.

Kyouya/Integra? That's one I never would have thought of in a million years, but since you suggested it, it makes an eerie amount of sense. I like Ouran a lot better than Hellsing (I think it takes itself less seriously, and as a result, the plot holes tend to be less obvious), but I love the idea of Kyouya and Integra playing off each other.


And also, as I said in my reply, boosts my expectations for actually having a readership for my insane crossover fic, heh.  (It is a brilliant idea for a ship and other stuff, I know, I just don't know how many people know and love both Ouran and Hellsing [...and maybe Harry Potter too] and are willing to try something with them combined.

On a related note, tonight I found an old entry in my personal journal with a defensive explanation of my tendency to crossover - I described it as "I tie everything I love into everything else I love."  Indeed.  The ultimate goal is a great mass of everything I love at once,
bringing on supreme happiness and euphoria of the sort which only recreational drugs are supposed to achieve.

To continue plugging [profile] hooloovoo_too (am now watching that fic journal of hers) - I read her few other Ouran fics, and would like to specifically link to The Freckles in Our Eyes Are Mirror Images, which is a series of vignettes on the twins as they grew up.  Very intriguing and entertaining set of stories with them, definitely.  One quote:

Hikaru toddles over to the nurse and yanks at her skirts. “We got hurt,” he says, jerking her urgently in Kaoru’s direction. “We’re bleeding,” and it takes her fifteen seconds of panicked searching to realize that he means Kaoru instead of himself.

Oh, and one more because I'm dying for this to happen in my world so Integra can have a specific reaction, but I don't know how to tie them together.  So, the twins' nurse is giving them sex-ed when they're thirteen (awesome scene):

“Men have penises,” she says matter of factly, “and you can have sex with them.”

Integra: DO GO ON.

And finally, I recently got three new reviews (from the same person), one each for The Funeral, Out of the Dungeon, and By the Way, a Vampire Ate My Uncle.  The first is "simply wonderful," but the other two are more pleasing.  One is nearly a haiku!

that was very good
very well written
as was The Funeral

And the third:

positively splendid
i love how you incorporate harry potter without it becoming over bearing
the little snipits of harry potteresque things are lovely

WUAHUAHUA I do not suck at my crossoverness.  This is certainly good.
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2008-05-06 01:15 am

This really shouldn't be so hard for me. (3,667 words)

arrrrrrrgh stupid make-out scenes, stupid inebriation, stupid lack of motivation - I'm breaking all my own rules (they do not need to be under any influences to get it on and it is absolutely NOT one-sided) and I could/should have stopped it long ago but a first-kiss scene was requested.  Arrrrrrrgh.


(By the way, it's so funny writing Severus with the new canon.  He's a lovesick puppy, and it's IC.)
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2008-05-05 12:56 am

Tamaki/Kyouya guhhhhhhhh. (In which Lavinia implodes and reveals way too much.)

Well, I just read the most fucking hot couple of Tamaki/Kyouya fics.

So now, yeah, I don't want to write make-out scenes, I want to write full-on SMUT.  :D  Painful, awkward, and yet really hot smut.  Mmmmmm.

Kyouya is amused at me.
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2008-05-04 09:55 pm

*drums fingers* (writing for my oldest OTP)

So, I did mention I'm participating in the [profile] less_for_you exchange, for which the deadline is now...tomorrow. 

I'm 700 words over the minimum, I've written several good scenes exploring their relationship - technically, there's a full story already here, written.  But it's not done, and it's not approaching the end the way I initially wanted.

And I wrote those 700 words just tonight, and enjoyed them, but now it's slowing down too much so that I'm slightly burning out and starting to wonder, didn't they already do this?  Don't I always write fluffy romantic scenes like this?  Where is this going?

...And now I'm even starting to wonder, do I really need a make-out scene?

Which is pretty much shipper blasphemy.  I haven't written real Lily/Severus in SO LONG - and I do still love and enjoy them, but eh.  It's hard to fight canon (at least in Harry Potter, not Hellsing), and struggling to find a way to fit it in the timeline confirmed by the seventh book takes away my drive. 

But I'm burning out now and want time to find my focus again and ha, this is why you're not supposed to put it off until the last night.

(Unrelatedly, I've had a pretty good draft of the first chapter of my crossover of awesomeness (Hellsing/Harry Potter/Ouran) written for a while now.  ...Should I go ahead and post it?  I'm pretty clueless on what'll come in the next few chapters after it - that is, the developing part of Integra and Kyouya's relationship - but I've had so many brilliant ideas for them and all the Host Club together, I decided it would be criminal not to give it all a serious go.  Anyway, what would I lose by posting it?  Who knows, I might even get some comments.)
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2008-03-09 02:01 am

The Tea Which Was Not Drunk (Integra/Alucard)


The story I mentioned in my last entry.  W00t.  A number of brilliant things (like a title!  A real title, on a level with Mischief Managed!) came together at once, and it was fantastic.

Other author notes:  Betaed by the excellent [profile] givemethechild.  I've missed her as a beta.  The story referenced is The Man-eating Tree by Phil Robinson. 

Feedback is such love.

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2008-03-07 09:30 pm

Hellsing research, writing ideas in various states of progress

Mmm, Hellsing research.  Two nice discoveries last night:

Yogi Tea: Awesome, very informative tea site which also makes very good tea.  Has great categories and lists of ingredients for specific purposes.

List of vampire literature published before Dracula.

Old WIPs are published; new ones begun.  I hope to have various little things - or one, anyway - soon.  And meanwhile I have a strong urge to write a Harry/Ron/Hermione smutfic, the way it ought to be done - which means with oodles of hurt/comfort.  I just distantly remember reading a fic, long ago, which had how it should be.  There ought to be more, so yeah.  And it's occurred to me I've never written Harry before.  Or Ron, really.  Hermione got a line or two in Put a Light in the Window - but smutfic will be very different. :D

I ought to write Minerva/Tom, too. *is pensive*

Meanwhile, I am enjoying working on my fic for the [profile] less_for_you exchange.  Deadline May 5th, yay. 

So yes, hopefully I'll have something new (albeit short) soon.

...And if you happen to know of the, look for a story called And in Arcadia I by Catja M., I believe.  It's not about sex; just really gorgeous, sad and somewhat dark but not oppressingly so.  It's the best I've seen on that site in a while. 
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2008-01-01 12:12 am

post-funeral scene submitted to the world as well

By the Way, a Vampire Ate My Uncle is posted.


(I ended up rationalizing it into sense.  Sigh.)

I can't believe, though, that I've posted three fics - two longstanding WIPs - in the last week or so.  WTF.  Here's to 2008 being productive as the last week, heh.  Particularly for Out of the Dungeon and my nightmare-story (yeah, ought to make a resolution about a certain word count a month for that).
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2007-12-31 01:25 am

You never thought this day would come... (crazy bathtub scene posted)


What was hitherto always known as "the crazy bathtub scene" - now dubiously titled Calculations of Worth - is posted. *preens*

AND.  I think there will be another posting TOMORROW, from another eternal WIP (the post-funeral scene).  W00t.  Once I decide on a title that isn't hideously stupid.  (No, Lavinia, you really shouldn't call it By the Way, a Vampire Ate My Uncle.  You shouldn't.)
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2007-12-30 04:15 am

A lovely drabble to celebrate my other OTP for which I REALLY need icons


It's like my fourth attempt of the night, but I really like it - and it has a bit of mystery that's really, really obvious to anyone who remotely knows me, hem.  Also, my tags may or may not give it away.  And yes, it's exactly 100 words!


They are passionate.  They have their own private armies.  They are bespectacled, and they are absolutely, ruthlessly determined not to let anything stop them from their highest goals.  They command a frightening amount of power, in their respectively secret ways, and they have honor which prevents them from misusing it…too much.

They have never before met anyone of the opposite sex whom they could truly call an equal.

Walter poured more tea for Tamaki, who sniffed and blinked sorrowfully up at him.  “Walter…do you think they’re…in love?”

Walter sighed.  "Only in, if I may use the term, a narcissistic fashion."

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2007-12-25 01:35 am

Christmas Hellsing fic...from last year (With a Stake of Holly Through His Heart)

Yeah, I wrote this a year ago for my two bestest Hellsing friends who actually understand what I blather about. I probably should have posted it here too then, but I didn't get it finished until after Christmas Day. But here it is now, anyway - and I awfully wish I could post it to [profile] integraxalucard  , but I just realized it would have to go under a very loose definition of shippy. Dammit.

Ah well - here we are now!