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Well, I just read the most fucking hot couple of Tamaki/Kyouya fics.

This is me!  I am not a slasher!  I have absolutely no preference for a gay ship in any fandom, apart from a really vague, angsty, and unconsummated-in-any-way ship in The Outsiders.  I've just never been impressed by gay sex.

But maybe I never gave it enough tries.  Well, I don't regret that because I held out for THIS.  - And I don't ship Tamaki/Kyouya either.  (Tamaki/Haruhi trumps all, as does Integra/Kyouya except for how Integra/Alucard trumps that.)  I just clicked the links because I love Ouran and I'm still searching for ways to distract myself from the exchange fic before I jump on it again to finish it.

So the author is bloody amazing.  She is exquisite and top-notch and sounds utterly professional, flawless, and it blew me away from the start.  And you know how smutfic, het or slash, can be: vague, glossed over, or containing many points of unrealism large and small.  Or containing such spectacles as Lucius' or Severus' fandom!cocks, which always have incredible powers which you'll never find in reality so you still have no idea what gay or het sex is like after reading, if you didn't before.

And I mean, I have read slash smutfic.  (Ooooh, my first one was a Draco/Harry badfic on fanfictionDOTnet, advertised as "lemony," and it OPENED MY EYES nevertheless.)  ...But tonight I really, really saw it and understood it.   Obviously, I can't really call it realistic because I don't know, but it SOUNDS realistic.  There's no glossing, nothing vague, open and simple details (just like Kyouya) and yeah.  Fucking hot, too.

Kyouya, I know, is in perfect or near-perfect character.  Tamaki, I'm not so sure about because it's so hard to deal with him in a real sexual scene.  (He's so unbelievably innocent in canon.)  I definitely knew him for certain at some points, anyway, and I'm really glad too I read this because it's believable, even if it may not be perfectly IC, and I can use this to help me write my own ideas about...stuff.  *is vague*

And oh God did I mention how it was fucking hot?

A couple quotes to show where I nearly cried from the IC hotness.  (I know I've raved before - maybe not in this journal - about how Kyouya exudes sexiness in the PG anime scene where he pretends to seduce Haruhi.  And everything else he does, too.  His presence alone threatens to damage the show's PG-rating.)
“I can stop, you know.” He is careful to keep his voice non-threatening. “Tell me if you want to --"

“If you do something I dislike, you’ll be the first to know,” says Kyouya. There’s no tremor there, no sign of arousal. He might as well be ordering a servant to straighten a painting or adding a few thousand to Haruhi’s endless debt. Kyouya always has such casual control, and something so ordinary shouldn’t be a turn-on, but it is.
“What would be a better bet?”

“The Nagano microchip industry,” says Kyouya without a moment’s hesitation, voice cold and detached. “One of the fisheries on Okinawa. That Ootori Industries will have the US contract for military health care by year’s end. That you’ll unbutton those pants in the next two minutes.” It’s the same mild voice that Kyouya uses to tear apart the business world, and Tamaki really shouldn’t find it so sexy. Yesterday he’d overheard Kyouya eviscerating a vice-president in that exact tone, and now all that veiled intensity is focused solely on him.

.  It's excellent too to see the author tread the line between Kyouya being rough and gentle - mmm, so excellent.  And reinforcing for my ideas.  (Threesomes with Tamaki will always be best, though - caught between soft and sharp.)

OH and it also pointed out how worryingly thin Kyouya is - I've always been very...shallow and bad and like a badficcer in my fondness for being underweight to a near-unhealthy degree (IN FICTION - it implies angst and offers the potential for hurt/comfort)), as evidenced in my nightmare-story and also vague scenes which have only been semi-written.  Anyway, look:
Tamaki can see the tiny wrinkles of skin that the contraction of muscle causes over Kyouya’s belly, and thinks about how thin Kyouya really is. It’s not apparent when he’s fully dressed, but laid out this way, Tamaki wonders if perhaps his body doesn’t sometimes pay a price for his mind.

So, I will finally link to the fics in question: Closer and Deep.

This has just been a day for smut, it seems.  First I befriended (on my main journal) [community profile] weepingcock, which led me to visit the Restricted Section again for the first time in a long time - after many searches, I finally found something new that's quite hot to me personally (Lucius/Hermione/Severus FTW), and also just a little while ago realized one of my top favorite fics has been deleted from the site.  *cries* 

And also this v. intriguing song by She Wants Revenge, called "Sister" - some lyrics:

She closed her eyes and said quit the talking
You can hurt me do whatever you like
So he said shut your mouth girl the angels are listening

She crossed herself now the moments are missing
You can hurt me do whatever you like

Lalala, but that's just me.

So now, yeah, I don't want to write make-out scenes, I want to write full-on SMUT.  :D  Painful, awkward, and yet really hot smut.  Mmmmmm.

Kyouya is amused at me.
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